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I'm Ally. 25, journalist, HUGE music and movie junkie and a lover of oddities. This blog is about the many random thoughts that run rampant through my mind, like herpes.

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Has anyone noticed the part when Eve mentions Adam writing a string quartet for Schubert? The composition Loki enters to in the Stuttgart scene of Avengers is by Schubert…

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I was wondering if anyone would catch that reference! I’ve been waiting for this gif set!

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My lockscreen/background photo

My lockscreen/background photo

A/N: Sorry for the wait, you guys. One thing I like about this premise is how much freedom you get to have with it. Hope it’s as good as the first installment. Enjoy :)

Night 65

His flight landed 45 minutes ago.

You wait eagerly at the gate for him. Damn a driver dropping him off at your apartment.

He beams when he sees you; barely visible between the other ecstatic loved ones. The moment the doors to the car close, his lips were on yours. You can hardly wait until you’re behind closed doors. You always wanted to fuck him in the car, but he was still too shy to take you up on the offer.

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I want this God forsaken cardigan!!!! -flails-

I want this God forsaken cardigan!!!! -flails-

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I’m a sucker for a good pair of long fingers

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Tom Hiddleston reading smut in Stories Before Bedtime. NSFW!


bless your face.


I died laughing. I wish I could actually watch this. You guys should listen to the whole thing

I can’t with your face, sir!

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